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Compare the HIX Large Format Heat Press (LF-4464) to the Competition

Aug 9, 2018 5:03:58 PM / by Henri Coeme

Deciding on the upgrade or acquisition of a large-format heat press is a pretty significant decision. There is a selective choice of equipment that can heat press on textile. However, finding a large format heat press that can sublimate both on textile and on non-textile is a different matter. This is where the HIX LF-4464 is an impressive comparison. We're confident that working with HIX will be such a positive experience, you'll be a customer for life.

 HIX Large Format Heat Press LF-4464

How the LF-4464 Compares

The LF-4464 utilizes edge-to-edge heating element technology, allowing users to take advantage of nearly the entire 44" x 64" platen, increasing throughput. It provides a much larger user space for non-textile substrate applications (42" x 62") than our product's main competitor (at 34" x 54").

Solo and twin models (front and back) are available, but differ from our main competitor's model design that features a side-by-side shuttle system. After sale, the LF-4464 can be upgraded to the twin model. Both models feature a small footprint, saving you space. (Our competitor's model takes up much more space when upgraded to twin mode. And, most competing final models must be selected at time of purchase; it's not possible to upgrade afterward.)

With an A-frame construction, the LF-4464 offers even pressure (resulting from less effort and metal stress) than traditional C-frame models. The micronet-designed heating blankets on the upper platen provide nearly 44" x 64" functionality, leaving no worries about colder corners and sides.

Requiring only a 50A breaker and taking up a small footprint, the LF-4464 is a good option for any print company. Weighing in at about half of our competitors' models, it's easier to move should you choose to rearrange your printing area. It's height adjustable and provides accessible clearance on all four sides.


  • Larger platen size for non-textile substrate applications
  • Option for upgrade post-purchase
  • Easier transportation within facility
  • Adjustable height allows more accessible clearance



Safety, along with quality, is a major concern. The LF-4464 features a safety guard that protects hands against unintentional contact with the heat platen prior to closing. During compression, operators cannot come into contact with the heat platen, because it is designed to be inaccessible. Other popular models on the market feature few safety provisions, and many leave the heat platen in the open on all four sides during the compression cycle. The LF-4464 is definitely designed with safety in mind.


  • More safety features
  • Inaccessible heat platen


Value and Warranty

With just over $3,000 difference between the LF-4464 solo model and many other options on the market, warranty and availability make all the difference. (The difference between the Twin model options is just over $1,500.)

When you buy the LF-4464, HIX Corporation stands behind it with a lifetime warranty on the construction of the equipment. The warranty also covers up to five years on all moving parts and two years on electronic issues. (Competitors often only cover their printer with a one-year warranty.)

We always keep the LF-4464 in stock, so it's immediately available for your printing needs. Many of our competitors need four to six weeks lead time to get it to you. When time matters, immediate availability is an important factor to consider.


  • Lifetime warranty on construction
  • Immediate availability

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, choosing a large format sublimation printer is a process not to be taken lightly. Its capabilities are extensive and may considerably expand or enhance your company's current offerings. Weighing the features, price, availability and warranty is essential to making the right decision for your company. Call us with any questions! We pride ourselves on customer service. We engineer, manufacture and service all our products. We are the experts and will be happy to help you!




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Henri Coeme

Written by Henri Coeme