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HIX Premieres new HG-series Convection-style Gas Sublimation Ovens

Sep 13, 2018 3:40:34 PM / by Henri Coeme

The printing industry relies on new technology and methods to make production more efficient, faster and better. HIX has a long-standing tradition for designing and manufacturing cutting-edge technology that helps you establish the most efficient means possible for production. Since the early 2000s, HIX has first been delivering electric, Infra-Red (IR)-based sublimation ovens. About 5 years ago, this style ovens was upgraded to the electric convection style.

Our latest development for 2018 is a key breakthrough for the printing industry.


Earlier this year, we built our first convection-style 36- and 48-inch gas sublimation ovens. Developing a convection-style oven has huge impacts on efficiency and quality of products.

 Increase Production

The new convection-style ovens circulate airflow up and along both inner sidewalls. Differing from previous and competitors’ models, the airflow pattern makes its way into the top air plenum, creating more even temperatures across the conveyor belt, from side to side. Even temperatures result in a couple of clear benefits:

  1. Production is increased: Drinkware substrates heat faster and more evenly. The new method speeds up production.
  2. Better matching of color tones: With the sublimation of very color-sensitive jobs, more even temperatures ensure matching particular color tones for quality assurance.

Both models have outstanding production possibilities. The SubliPro HG-3636 has the capacity to produce 300 to 500 pieces per hour, while the SubliPro HG-4827 maxes out between an outstanding 750 to 1,100 per hour. (Actual output is dependent on a number of factors, of course.

Cleaner, More Efficient Operation

Wasted heat has always been a problem with previous models. Our new convection-style sublimation ovens feature a design that modulates both the combustion air and the gas flow, delivering the perfect fuel-to-air ratio at any given time. A much cleaner burner, the HG SubliPro series results in less NOX and CO gasses through the combustion process. The process decreases exhaust of hot air (or, make-up air). There is no longer a need for larger burners that consume more gas. This model is more efficient to operate than previous versions, improving efforts in your printing operations.


Better Heat Conservation

Each convection-style model (SubliPro HG-3626 and SubliPro HG-4827) features a newly-developed insulation system in the oven burner box (the hottest portion of the oven) to improve conservation of heat and energy. Adding insulation to the oven burner box increases the efficiency of the oven during each run of production. Increasing efficiency on an oven that reaches over 400 degrees F diminishes costs to run it and efforts to maintain it. Less heat escapes, reducing the physical footprint required to house this oven in your operations facility.

Better heat conservation and even distribution ensure quality sublimation and better products, in the end.

Each model features safety elements such as emergency stop, exhaust purge proving, re-circulation proving, combustion air proving and high temp limitations.

HIX is proud to present our first convection-style gas sublimation ovens. We are confident they will increase the efficiency of your operations through heat conservation and cleaner burner design. Additionally, new convection models can increase production through leveling out the temperatures in the oven chamber, heating the substrates faster and more evenly. As a leader in the industry, we are always looking for ways to help you improve your business through better, more efficient equipment.




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Henri Coeme

Written by Henri Coeme