LF 4464 Large Sublimation Press

Heat press for large products and high volume efficiency 

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Our Large Format press can print all-over garments or large 40 x 60” aluminum panels and signs. But it can also gang-up a large number of smaller projects which can be pressed simultaneously, the above video clip shows how.

The LF-4464 Large Heat Press gives you the ability to drastically increase production using our edge-to-edge heating element technology. This press increases throughput and decreases scrap rate, allowing you to fulfill more orders and better forecast your labor needs and production scalability.

Mass produce personalized items and expand your product offering to large clothing, tents, flags and more. This American-engineered heat press puts production on the fast track, giving you a higher ROI through cost and time efficiency.

Substrates include any sublimation-ready aluminum photographic sheets, MDF (medium-density fiberboard) and glass plates, flat plastic substrates and synthetic textiles.

The HIX LF-4464 is a pneumatic press with a 44 x 64” single or dual lower platen.

Benefits of the LF-4464 Large Heat Press

  • American-engineered
  • Oven heat distribution and perfect color consistency across every edge of the working platens
  • 360⁰ access to lower platen.
  • Height-adjustable lower platens
  • Print a wide variety of substrate thicknesses (up to 5”)
  • Superior quality transfers on both non-textile and textile substrates
  • Dual platen option
  • Safe for operators
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • High-efficiency heat insulation
  • and more!